Read Laura's interview with USA Today about Amazon's new weekly romance-novel-focused podcast, which Laura is thrilled to be hosting:  "The awesome Laura Roppé, an award-winning singer, songwriter, author, audio book narrator and YouTube sensation, hosts the Kindle Love Stories podcast, and HEA got the opportunity to talk with Laura (who's the author of Rocking the Pink: Finding Myself on the Other Side of Cancer). . . .” - Joyce Lamb -- USA Today

Amazon Launches "Kindle Love Stories" Podcast with host Laura Roppe

Read about how Laura's on-line friendship with fellow breast cancer patient, Jane, blossomed into a lifelong sisterhood.” - Renee Lee

from pink lady to rocking the pink: my q and a with author, singer laura roppe Last year, thanks to Facebook, I reconnected with a high school classmate, Laura (Hoffman) Roppé. In high school, I admired Laura, and maybe even hated her a little, because of her crazy-awesome singing voice. She played the Rizzo to my Sandy in our high school’s rendition of Grease. I was Elphaba green with envy over her talent, which was leaps and broomsticks better than mine. I have always known her as a talented, tenacious Pink Lady and now, all these years later, she is still a talented, tenacious Pink Lady, though she rocks the color pink for an entirely different reason. . . . ” - Mary Burt-Godwin

The Mama Mary Show

Go to page 26 of Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine to read Laura's featured article, "My Journey to Rocking the Pink.” - Featured article by Laura Roppe

Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine

How many times in your life have you considered seriously shaking things up? Laura Roppé was already making some moves in that direction when diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in 2008. So the timing was right to put the legal career aside in favor of pursuing her music career full time. After beating back that cancer, of course. Read more:” - Ann Pietrangelo

The book release party for Rocking the Pink was a smash success. Click on the link to view and download photos from the event, thanks to Rachel McFarlin Photography.”

View photos from Laura's Book Release Party at the House of Blues!

'Rocking the Pink' is as much a breast cancer survivor story as it is the coming-of-age tale of a very funny woman approaching 40, a gal who'd had it with business suits, unbecoming accoutrements and the conflict-ridden world of the law, and who was yearning for the rock-star dreams of her youth. . . . . . Where that [music] career leads Roppe has yet to be determined; but wherever it is, love and laughter will surely be along for the ride.” - Kit-Bacon Gressitt

North County Times

Check out Laura and the Bunco Girls "rocking the pink" in 92127 Magazine (March 2012).” - Jennifer Frakes

92127 Magazine

 “It’s about overcoming diversity, following dreams, believing in oneself, life, love and friendship.”” - Elizabeth Marie Himchak

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