Laura's story of humor, perseverance and self-realization is universal and powerful.  Laura draws you in with her authenticity, moves you with her passion, and makes you cheer for her triumph. Through old-fashioned story-telling, videos, and music, Laura will motivate, move, and inspire you. The most common comment?  "I laughed and cried all at the same time."     


"The moment I read about Laura, I knew she had to be our keynote speaker, and she didn't disappoint.  Her story resonated with everyone, and her delivery was nothing short of awesome.  It's hard to describe the energy and inspiration she brought, but every person at the event felt their life was enriched by having met her.  She is talented and funny, and has an amazing story.  But most of all, she's genuine, and that combination in a speaker is a homerun." -- Jolie Filer, Center for Women's Oncology, Moffitt Center

"Laura, you were fantastic  in every way.  Our guests could not stop talking about you and your story.  You radiate passion, freedom, friendship and love." -- Christina Jordan, Association of Donor RelationsProfessionals

". . . an evening of inspiration." -- -- Tim Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Sharp Memorial Hospital

 Laura's recent speaking engagements include: The American  Cancer Society, The Moffitt Center (Tampa Florida), the Association of Donor Relations Professionals, Sharp Memorial Hospital, Boobs on the Move, and various women's groups, church groups, schools, bookstores, book clubs and literary events. 



 Click here to read Laura's story, as featured in Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine (p. 26.)   

"Laura's presentation isn't a speech; it's a one-woman show!"