Enjoy these videos from Laura:

The book trailer for Heart Shaped Rock (with sneak peek of music from the soundtrack):

Laura happy-dancing like a maniac on Ellen (and probably scaring the heck out of a very gracious and handsome Liam Neeson):

The book trailer for Rocking the Pink:


 Laura joins forces with her favorite icons and superheroes to kick cancer's butt in her song, I'm Still Here:

Laura's thoughts on the importance of being kind to those we love in Heart Inside Your Palm:

When Laura was in chemotherapy, she dreamed of a day when she would smell something other than chemo, sickness and hospitals.  In fact, she wanted to smell the best scent imaginable:  George Clooney!  No, she hasn't had the chance to fulfill this bucket list item yet -- but she continues to dream!  Here's the silly video:


 Laura's first music video, ever, for Mama Needs a Girls Night Out:

The video for "Float Away," shot in England.  (No, those aren't Laura's actual husband and daughter -- it's acting, people!)

A video of Laura passing the time during one of her chemo sessions with her beloved cousin, Matthew.  You can see the chemo tube in Laura's right arm, but she's just having a ball, regardless.  Aaah, music, you are so healing!

The video for Laura's song, "Little Daughter," featuring Laura's actual daughters Sophie and Chloe.  This video was shot just before Laura's cancer diagnosis:


A CoolBandLuke promo video (there is no denying that Laura is having FUN here):




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